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DSA National Convention Delegate Election Plan

The DSA’s 2017 National Convention will take place August 3 – 6 at the University of Illinois in Chicago. With 566 members, the Austin chapter will be sending 22 delegates to attend.

Any paid member is eligible to run as a delegate. Nominations took place at the April 20th general meeting and voting will take place at the May 18th general meeting.


  • Nominees can still be accepted anytime before the election and appear on the ballot. To nominate yourself or another paid member, email their name to
  • You can also be nominated or nominate yourself at the May 18th meeting, but last-minute nominees will have to be voted by write-in.
  • You can review the current 32 nominee statements on the Delegate Nominees page. The deadline to be featured on this page has passed.


  • We have banned bullet voting. This means that for your ballot to be counted, you must cast the same number of votes as there are delegate slots to be filled.
  • You must be present at the May meeting to vote. There are no proxy or internet votes.
  • We will record the total number of votes for each candidate. If any of the 22 delegates are not able to attend the convention, those slots will be filled by the people with the next highest amount of votes. We will flip a coin for ties.

The Convention

  • The delegate is primarily responsible for the cost of attending the convention. We estimate the cost to be roughly $500/delegate.
  • Limited subsidies will come from the Nationals. Our local chapter will raise money to further subsidize costs.
  • Delegates get an equal share of the money raised unless they opt out.
  • These funds are designed to cover costs including the registration fee (which covers meals and housing at the Convention) and transportation.
  • Alternates and guests can attend the convention but the local chapter will raise money only for the elected delegates.
  • We strongly encourage delegates to stay together at the dorms at the convention.

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