Austin Democratic Socialists of America

Ryan “Hammer” Pollock

As a very active member since February 2017, a union electrician of the IBEW, and the new lead of our Mobilizer program, I believe that I’m prepared for this office. The goals of the Mobilizer program and the duties of the Membership Coordinator are almost exactly the same. I want to see this organization grow and be as effective as it possibly can. That means not only growing our membership and dues, but also developing leaders, and helping to facilitate all the work we have before us.

In the less than one year since our last convention, we have become a force in not only Austin, in Texas, even across the country. I’ve been inspired by the knowledge, skill, passion, and leadership that I’ve seen in this organization. As the Membership Coordinator, I pledge to do everything that I can to see that we bring in even more inspiring members so that we can increase our momentum and take over this city!

I believe that we will win!

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