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Earned Paid Sick Days in Austin

Austin is the first city in the South to pass Paid Sick Days!

On February 15th, 2018, Austin City Council voted to pass an ordinance requiring that all employees of private businesses and nonprofits begin to earn paid sick time. But business owners and those that put profit over people have filed a lawsuit against the City of Austin, to prevent us earning the time off we need to rest, heal, and recover. Read more at


What Can You Do?

The more that people know about their rights, the harder it is to take them away. We know that Austin is likely to win the legal battle for paid sick, based on court cases in other cities.
The Texas Legislature will soon be back in session and representatives like Paul Workman have promised to do their best to prevent us utilizing this right. Read more at


We Will Only Win With People Power

Paid sick time only became an issue because of the many groups that organized together to fight for it. Groups like Austin DSA and Work Strong Austin put enough pressure on the city council to vote for a reform that will improve the lives of 223,000 workers who didn’t previously have paid sick time.
We need every one of those 223,000 to spread the word among friends, family, and co-workers.
And then we need you to contact your representative and make sure they stand with and for us in the Texas Legislature, such as Austin senator Kirk Watson


What Does Paid Sick Mean For You?

Here’s what the new legislation includes:

All workers at private businesses or nonprofits in Austin who work at least 80 hours per year will accumulate paid sick time.

You earn 1 hour of paid sick time for each 30 hours that you work.

You can use paid sick time to care for your own health or a family member’s health. This includes physical illness, injury, mental illness or preventative care.

You can use paid sick time to protect yourself or family member from domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking by seeking medical attention, taking legal action, moving, or obtaining other victim services

You can earn at least 6-8 days (48-60 hours) of paid sick time per year, 6 days for businesses with 15 or less workers, 8 days for businesses with more workers.

You will be paid your normal hourly wage for paid sick time. If you are a tipped worker making less than minimum wage, you will get paid the state minimum wage ($7.25 per hour) for your paid sick time.

You are protected from retaliation by your boss for using your paid sick time. You cannot be transferred, fired, suspended, demoted, have your hours reduced, or be threatened with any of these actions for using your paid sick time.


Get Involved in DSA

You can also join DSA Austin in the fight to win a better life for the working class. In the upcoming months, DSA members and volunteers will be heading out into our community to talk to workers about their new right to paid sick days and how to make sure they get it. If we organize and fight together, we can win a society that serves our needs, not the whims of the wealthy owning class.

We’re not just fighting for paid sick days!
We’re fighting for free universal healthcare, a $15 per hour minimum wage, union power to win better working conditions, paid parental leave, and so much more. We demand a society where all people participate as equals, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or any other identity.

So come out to one of our meetings, get excited, and get involved! They’re on the third Thursday of every month.
If you’d like to get involved in our campaign for Paid Sick Days, email [email protected].
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