Austin Democratic Socialists of America

Thomas S

Pronouns: He/him

Please describe your organizing experience within Austin DSA
I have been a member of Austin DSA since May of 2017. In my time with DSA I have helped to organize the karaoke caucus, run a round of new member schools and now serve as secretary for the Immigrant Rights Committee. My contributions have been modest but I always try to help out whenever and where ever I can!
What are your priorities for the Leadership Committee?
The priority of the Leadership Committee should be organizing and supporting the work of the chapter. We voted on an excellent set of priorities at our chapter convention, and I look forward to supporting those efforts, but I think there’s one that has been neglected and underdeveloped and this Building Up Building Out. I feel scaling up our infrastructure will be crucial if we want to continue to fight for socialism. This has many dimensions beyond streamlining our organizing efforts or improving our communication platforms; it also means elevating the importance of emotional work and improving accessibility.

DSA has grown very rapidly in the past couple of years and as such has experienced a lot of growing pains. We’re in transition from a small activist organization to a mass movement and community group and it’s time we orient our thinking in that vein. We should start thinking proactively about onboarding and recruiting new members because as Greta Thunberg says, we got ten years.

People like DSA because it presents a viable alternative to the world we live in now. By embracing the creativity and dynamism of the chapter, I believe we can get there. We just have to give people the tools first.

Being a member of the Leadership Committee is a fairly substantial time commitment. Are you comfortable spending around 10 hours a week on LC-related tasks?
Yes, I also want to examine why this is the case and to alleviate the burden of serving on the LC so more people can step up to the task.

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