Austin Democratic Socialists of America

Madeline D

Pronouns: She/her

Please describe your organizing experience within Austin DSA
I was a co-chair of the housing committee for the latter half of 2018 and led Prop A (the $250 million housing bond) campaign organizing weekly canvasses and strategy meetings. I have organized with our Medicare for All campaign, hosting and participating in canvasses.
What are your priorities for the Leadership Committee?
I’m excited and inspired by this new era of strikes that we are witnessing. I want Austin DSA to do what it can to highlight class conflict and elevate class struggle. I think we should support teachers, school staff, and public employees in Texas and be ready for the kind of strikes that have been occurring across the country. I will make sure that Austin DSA stands and fights against all forms of oppression and aims for human liberation.

I’m proud of the successes so far of our Medicare For All campaign–it’s amazing that Lloyd Doggett has signed on. I think Medicare For All, Green New Deal, and the Bernie Sanders campaign provide us with tremendous opportunities to raise class consciousness, and I think we need to keep moving in this kind of direction. I understand how it can feel difficult to campaign around national legislation, but I think we need to keep organizing around these programs that will transform life in America. In a short amount of time, Medicare For All has ascended to a real possibility, and I hope we can do the same thing for environmental justice, reproductive justice, and labor.

Being a member of the Leadership Committee is a fairly substantial time commitment. Are you comfortable spending around 10 hours a week on LC-related tasks?

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