Austin Democratic Socialists of America

June 2019 Leadership Committee Special Election

The chapter is holding an election to replace the Leadership Committee position previously held by James, who resigned in May. Your responses to these questions, minus your personal contact information, will be shared with the general membership. You are only required to submit your name, email address, and membership status in order to be nominated, but it is recommended that you respond to the questions as well.

Responses to this questionnaire must be submitted by Tuesday, June 11th, but nominations will be taken up to the General Body Meeting on June 18th. There is no demographic requirement or restriction on who may run in this election. Please note that although James was the Communications Coordinator, the person elected to take his place on the LC will not necessarily have to be the new Communications Coordinator. LC members are elected at-large and officer positions are determined by the LC. For further information, please consult our bylaws at ”