Austin Democratic Socialists of America

Trish Neri

Pronouns: She/Her

Why should Austin DSA send you to the National Convention?
Hi Everyone! I am fortunate to have worked on the Medicare for All and Paid Sick Days campaigns as both a canvasser and a three-time canvass host. I also canvassed in support of our big ol’ Housing Bond and am hoping to host Austin DSA’s first Eco-Socialism canvass this summer. Proud member of AFSCME 1624.

I believe in the importance of talking to folks about socialism, meeting people where they are at, challenging assumptions and offering alternatives. These are skills that we need to work on together in order to grow in solidarity and sharpen our political understanding. We will win by building mass politics. I intend to go to Atlanta to create an organization that can attract hundreds of thousands of new members.

Is there any particular caucus or issue you want to represent at the National Convention?
Bread and Roses as well as these important topics:

1)Make Labor unruly again
2)Movement and Coalition building
3)Ecosocialism > Barbarism

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