Austin Democratic Socialists of America

Kim Varela-Broxson

Pronouns: she/her

Why should Austin DSA send you to the National Convention?
I’ve been a member of Austin DSA for the last two years, and I’d be a good representative for our chapter. I was co-chair of the feminist action committee before joining the LC, then being elected as a chapter cochair. I think I would be a good representative of our chapter because of my experience organizing in these various committees. I’ve spent the last several years becoming a better socialist feminist, a better organizer, and a better listener, all of which are needed to adequately represent Austin DSA in Atlanta.
Is there any particular caucus or issue you want to represent at the National Convention?
I am a member of DSA Socialist Feminist Working group! I’d like to go to Convention to support some of the resolutions coming from this working group, including fighting for reproductive justice and decriminalizing sex work.
Is there anything else you would like members to know?
We’re gonna win together, y’all!

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