Austin Democratic Socialists of America

Ceci Murray

Pronouns: she/her

Why should Austin DSA send you to the National Convention?
After attending a few scattered meetings in 2017 and 2018, I officially joined Austin DSA around the start of this year. Since that time I’ve been active with the Feminist Action Committee, particularly in planning and fundraising for abortion equity through Bowl-a-thon. I’m inspired by the comrades I’ve met here so far, and truly impressed by the number of meaningful direct actions we’re taking every day.

Like much of the DSA general body, I’m a bit new here! Attending the convention would be an exciting opportunity for me to (humbly) bring that newbie’s perspective, and to enthusiastically affirm my commitment to this movement and this community.

Is there any particular caucus or issue you want to represent at the National Convention?
I’m passionate about feminist socialism, and working to make DSA the intersectional feminist movement we deserve. I’d also like to see ecosocialism take the front seat as we shape future priorities on chapter and national levels.

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