Austin Democratic Socialists of America

Deactivate the ATX Discourse Corner Facebook Group

You can review the full text of the Tech Committee’s special motion below:

At the November 15th 2018 meeting of the Austin DSA Tech Committee, the members present voted unanimously to present the general body with a motion to delete the Facebook ATX DSA Discourse Corner. We moved to do so on the following grounds:

  1. The Discourse Corner was created with the goal of being a discussion platform for delegates and observers to the 2017 National Convention, not with the intention of becoming wider chapter communication tool.
  2. Tech Committee has confirmed with the chapter Harassment Grievance Officers that there have been multiple documented incidents that have originated from the Discourse Center.
  3. The resources required to provide moderation that keeps the Discourse Corner in line with DSA’s Guidelines for Respectful Discussion and Austin DSA’s Social Media Guidelines are not worth the organizational capacity return we receive, a problem that will only increase as the chapter grows.
  4. Facebook is a private entity that profits off of the sale of their users’ data. They frequently cooperate with many levels of the police state, including ICE, and should not be trusted with the internal discussions and workings of a radical left group. Furthermore, the nature of Facebook’s profiles makes it more difficult to verify the status of a new member than other communication channels.
  5. Since the creation of Discourse Corner, many different online communication tools, such as Texas DSA’s Mattermost, and national DSA’s forum and RocketChat server, have been developed to allow for more scalable and secure organizing.

With these concerns in mind, the Tech Committee motions to hold a general body discussion and vote on the issue at the 2019 Chapter Convention, to be held on January 26th, 2019. With approval of the general body, the Discourse Corner will be deleted on March 1st, 2019.And then use this form to cosign!

Please use the email address that you used for your DSA membership. Only members in good standing can cosign.