Austin Democratic Socialists of America

Special Motions

This form is for submitting items of business that you want discussed, voted on, added to the agenda, or otherwise considered by the general body at the chapter convention, but doesn’t fit into the category of bylaws amendment or priorities resolution.

Before submitting your motion, consider our community guidelines, especially that everybody’s time will be a very limited and valuable resource at the chapter convention. With no bylaws dictating what constitutes a special motion or its introduction into the convention agenda, it will be first the decision of the leadership committee if a submitted special motion gets added to the agenda. You are strongly encouraged to collect cosigners to help inform those decision.

If the leadership committee rejects including your special motion and you disagree with their decision, don’t mourn, organize! Remember that the general body will have final approval of the agenda at the beginning of the convention and it can be added then with popular support.

In order to be included in printed materials, we ask that all special motions be submitted at least two weeks before the convention, January 12th, 2019.

Need some help drafting your motion? Check the calendar for upcoming office hours!