Austin Democratic Socialists of America

DSA Priorities Resolution of Global Consciousness

The text of the Peace and Anti-Imperialism Committee’s priorities resolution is below:

We resolve to cultivate and maintain a perspective in which our domestic goals are seen in the context of the overarching global issues of US imperialism and climate change As citizens of the United States, we live in a state of perpetual war and are captive of a warfare economy. Our domestic needs cannot be met if our rulers continue to spend a trillion dollars a year attempting to militarily dominate the rest of the world in the interest of our capitalist class. This reprehensible pursuit impoverishes our social welfare system and public sector in general. The militarism required must be justified by having enemies, real or imagined, and thus inherently threatens our national security. The official hegemonic narrative promotes this distortion of our priorities and must be resisted. Hence, we resolve to oppose US imperialism not only on moral grounds, but also as a matter of self-interest and of our national security. Given the profoundly negative consequences associated with the continuation of our dependence on fossil fuels, an essential requirement for the perpetuation of the human species is the conversion to renewable energy sources. That process will be vigorously opposed by the powerful interests who now profit from fossil fuel exploitation. Their interest in financial gain must be superseded by societal priorities necessary for our collective survival. We resolve to promote awareness of the depth of our environmental crisis, its association with fossil fuel production and support this transition to exclusive reliance on renewable energy sources. We must learn, teach and remain continuously conscious of the connections between our domestic needs and these limiting global phenomena.

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