Austin Democratic Socialists of America

Priorities Resolutions

From the bylaws:

“At the annual convention, priorities resolutions will be voted on by members of Austin DSA in good standing. Priorities resolutions are intended to guide the chapter’s activities for the following year, but will not serve as strict limits on the chapter’s activities or the activities of its leadership.

All priorities resolutions must be submitted to the chapter’s co-chairs with at least 20 members in good standing signing as co-sponsors. No member shall co-sponsor more than two sets of priorities resolutions. All resolutions must feature at least two, and no more than five, individual internal or external priorities for the chapter’s activities for the upcoming year. Resolutions shall be voted on as entire documents, not as individual priorities.”

In order to be included in printed materials, we ask that all priorities resolutions be submitted at least two weeks before the convention, January 12th, 2019.

While resolutions can have as little or as much detail as necessary, we suggest having the following elements for easier understanding: Goals, description, timeline, and resources required.

The full text of the current bylaws can be found on the bylaws page

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