Austin Democratic Socialists of America

Conflict of Interest Mandatory Disclosure

I move we amend Article XI of the bylaws to include a Conflict of Interest section. I believe we need this for the sake of transparency and ethics. Other chapters (Chicago) do not allow leadership to vote if they have a conflict. I merely suggest disclosure so that the chapter can make decisions and debate ideas in a transparent manner.

Article XI. Rules of the Local
Section 1. Rules

Austin DSA will run on majority rule and with an opportunity for minority opinions to be heard. Members in good standing who attend a meeting can vote. There shall be no proxy votes or bullet votes permitted.

Section 2. Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest exists when a matter to be acted upon by the Chapter or the Leadership Committee confers a direct, substantial benefit to any Leadership Committee member. The Leadership Committee Member shall disclose the conflict in writing and it will be made public to the Chapter before the matter is discussed or voted on at a meeting. If the matter is before the Leadership Committee only it shall be made public there before any discussion or vote may proceed. Chairpeople of working groups and committees will be subject to the same Conflict of Interest disclosure requirements.​