Austin Democratic Socialists of America

Ryan Pollock

Do you self-identify as a man?:

Do you self-identify as a person from a traditionally marginalized group?:

Please describe your involvement in Austin DSA:
I joined in February 2017 and became really active with the chapter shortly after. I worked heavily on the Paid Sick Days campaign including traveling to Dallas to aid North Texas DSA. I’ve been very involved in M4A both through canvassing and more recently through organizing a labor coalition and bothering Lloyd Doggett. I did some work on our mobilizer program. I did some work I participated in the Electoral Committee for a time. I’m now involved in the newly formed Criminal Justice Committee as I’m an avid prison and police abolitionist and have rallied and testified against APD at City Hall on three different matters in 2018. I’m a founding member of the Austin DSA Libertarian Socialist Caucus. I’m a union electrician with the IBEW and have been acting as a sort of liaison between Austin DSA and the IBEW since joining DSA and have done a lot of work to build a cooperative relationship between the two organizations. I feel that I can confidently say that I’ve been a core member of Austin DSA since the beginning of our rapid growth of both membership and influence.

What strengths would you bring to the leadership committee?:
Aside from passion and dedication, my work with Austin DSA has reflects a broad spectrum of interest, understanding, and experience. I attended the National DSA leadership training in Houston where I was able to meet and build lasting relationships with the leadership of DSA chapters all over Texas. I also completed Labor Note’s Secrets Of A Successful Organizer training and am currently a student of Texas AFL-CIO’s year long Ruth Ellinger Labor Leaders School. I have also been heavily involved and influential lately with IBEW Local 520, with that, I’m building a bridge between DSA and 520 as I see the potential for a very mutually beneficial relationship between us.

To break that down, I’ve found that I’m very good at building relationships and coalitions that directly pertain to the goals of Austin DSA and I think that strength would continue to grow even more as a member of the leadership. Also, although I may be coming from certain perspectives in this “big tent” organization, I think that I’ve proven myself to always have the best interest of this entire organization at heart and I also believe I’ve been an asset in ow continued growth and strength. As a member of the LC, I will continue to work with integrity and always act in good faith.

If elected, what would be your priorities be for the leadership committee and Austin DSA?:
-Continuing to build influence in not only Austin, but to also step up our outreach in the greater Central Texas region as well
-Building relationships and increasing cooperation with fellow leftist orgs in the area who do good work
-Familiarizing Austin DSA with the State Legislature and how to be more effective in achieving our goals at the state level
-Developing leadership and experience within our membership
-Build organized labor in Austin and help it grow into something that can really bring positive material change to the working people of this city
-Abolish APD
-Seize the means of production

What is your approach to resolving conflict and achieving consensus among differing viewpoints?:
Talk to everyone one-on-one. Hear where everyone is coming from and try to find some commonality there. I remember to not be stubborn, admit when I’m wrong, and apologize if I find that I’ve said something that I found out was false, unfair, or hurtful. When coming from a place of integrity and when speaking and listening in good faith, I find that reaching consensus become much easier.

Do you identify with any caucus or political tendency, either within DSA or in general?:
I’m a founding member of the Austin DSA Libertarian Socialist Caucus

Is there anything else you’d like to add?:
I believe that we will win!