Austin Democratic Socialists of America

Monica Olvera

Do you self-identify as a man?:

Do you self-identify as a person from a traditionally marginalized group?:

Please describe your involvement in Austin DSA:
Started on the FAC in February 2017 and several committees later, as a rank and file member, helped Austin DSA persevere during a difficult time in the chapter. Currently, Interim Co-Chair after losing our comrade and friend, Glenn Scott who nominated me to LC. Elected LC At-Large member at the end of 2017. Supporting roles in various campaigns including the start of the Paid Sick Days/Medicare For All canvassing campaign, various chapter fundraisers and socials.

What strengths would you bring to the leadership committee?:
I’m not a seasoned socialist and I don’t pretend to know everything which is good for speaking to new socialists. I don’t rubberstamp and go along with majority just because everyone else is. I will ask questions to understand what the issue at hand is. Solidarity with the antifascist community.

If elected, what would be your priorities be for the leadership committee and Austin DSA?:
Building Socialism, always. Addressing burnout.
Team building within the chapter by having fun events, meetups and various gatherings. Fun fundraising events. I think it would be fun to see a Kid’s Caucus of some sort.

What is your approach to resolving conflict and achieving consensus among differing viewpoints?:
Active listening to understand where one is coming from. Trusting we are all acting in good faith.

Do you identify with any caucus or political tendency, either within DSA or in general?:
A leftist. Member of Austin DSA Libertarian Socialist Caucus; founding member of Austin DSA AFROSOC Caucus; belong to a local coalition of antifascists.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?:
I think I best compliment the LC as an At-Large member. I’m definitely not an expert in Robert’s Rules of Order but the only way to learn it is in practice. I’d like to think I’m reasonable and during contentious moments, I’m open to listening to your disagreements and willing to understand why you feel this way and bring these to light in LC.