Austin Democratic Socialists of America

Convention 2019

January 26th, 2019

Preparations are underway for the first-ever Austin DSA chapter convention! Submissions for leadership committee nominations, priorities resolutions, and special motions are open. The submission deadline for leadership committee nominations is January 21st, 2019. Priorities resolutions and special motions are requested to submitted by January 12th, 2019, so they can be included in printed materials.


Register for the convention by Thursday, January 17 at!

Leadership Committee Elections

Interested in running for leadership in 2019? The nomination period is now open and runs through January 21st, 2019. Per the emergency bylaws amendment in December 2018, the 2019 Leadership Committee (LC) will be 11 people. To nominate yourself, fill out the candidate questionnaire and then submit a photo to [email protected] To nominate someone else, email [email protected] and they will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and submit a photo to accept the nomination.

LC candidates will have a chance to address the general membership at our January general body meeting on Tuesday, January 15th. Nominations for the LC election will close on Monday, January 21st, and the membership will vote on the 2019 LC at our chapter convention on Saturday, January 26th.

All candidates will be voted on at-large. The top two vote-getters (unless both are men) will be the co-chairs, and the LC will decide the other officers (membership coordinator, communications coordinator, secretary, and treasurer) internally. No more than five LC members may be men, and at least five must be from a traditionally marginalized group. Any questions about this process may be directed to [email protected] (Nominees must be nominated at least five days in advance of the annual convention, and must confirm their willingness to serve and supply a photograph and a statement at least five days in advance of the annual convention.)


Bylaws Amendments

All bylaws amendments require 20 cosigners and must be submitted by December 27th, 2018 with cosigners. The signature period for bylaws amendments is now closed, but you can review the text of the bylaws that will be at the convention below.


Priorities Resolutions

Priorities resolutions are intended to guide the chapter’s activities for the following year, but will not serve as strict limits on the chapter’s activities or the activities of its leadership. No member shall co-sponsor more than two sets of priorities resolutions. All resolutions must feature at least two, and no more than five, individual internal or external priorities for the chapter’s activities for the upcoming year. Resolutions shall be voted on as entire documents, not as individual priorities. All resolutions require 20 cosigners and we request that they be submitted by January 16th, 2019 to allow time to be included in printed materials.


Special Motions

Special motions are items of business that you want discussed, voted on, added to the agenda, or otherwise considered by the general body at the chapter convention, but don’t fit into the category of bylaws amendment or priorities resolution. We request that all Special Motions be submitted by January 16th, 2019 to allow time to be included in printed materials.