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Socialist Night School – Fall Semester

Welcome to the inaugural “semester” of Austin DSA’s Socialist Night School. Socialist Night School is an approachable and participatory place for DSA members to come learn about about democratic socialist perspectives, history, theory, and praxis. Socialist organizations (throughout history and in every corner of the world) have often had educational programs where people could continue their political education and wrestle with thorny political questions. They’ve done this not just because those questions are interesting, but because the answer to those questions wind up shaping the world. Socialist Night School is not a substitute for organizing work, but it’s crucial that the people in our movement work together to develop ideas that will guide our organizing work. Socialist Night School is a step in that direction.

This program is intended for people with all levels of knowledge. Whether you’ve read every word of Marx front-to-back, or if you’re a little shaky on what exactly we mean by “socialism,” Socialist Night School is for you. We intend for this program to be interesting and useful for anyone who wants to attend. Socialist Night School will be largely discussion-based and entirely non-judgemental; we want everyone to be able to participate openly and with a minimum of anxiety. Each class will have a number of readings that will be posted well in advance of the meetings. No one is required to do any of the readings and facilitators will go over some of the basic points at the beginning of each meeting, but doing the readings will help make for better conversation and a fuller discussion of the issues from the class.

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Meeting 1: What is Democratic Socialism?

October 16th, 6:30 – 8:30pm – Willie Mae Kirk Library (3101 Oak Springs Drive)

Click here for the readings and study guide.

Meeting 2: Class and Class Struggle

November 19th, 6:30 – 8:30pm – Cepeda Branch Library (651 N. Pleasant Valley Rd)

Click here for the readings and study guide.

Meeting 3: Ecosocialism

December 17th, 6:30 – 8:30pm – Cepeda Branch Library (651 N. Pleasant Valley Rd)

Readings and study guide coming soon.