Austin Democratic Socialists of America

Health Justice Committee

Austin DSA prioritizes the fight for Health Justice, and fights for it on multiple fronts. Chief in this fight is our work on DSA’s national campaign for Medicare for All, which is one of the national organization’s top three priorities for this year and next. Austin DSA has already knocked on thousands of doors as part of this campaign, and we’re committed to fighting until everyone can get the healthcare they need for free, with no copays, deductibles, or limits.

DSA fights for Medicare For All because everyone gets sick, and the United State’s capitalist healthcare system prioritizes profits over care. Consequently, tens of thousands of Americans die every year from lack of healthcare coverage, and millions more are burdened with punishing levels of medical debt. The price of healthcare is consistently named Americans’ number one political concern, and as socialists we recognize that the market can never deliver an adequate solution. Abolishing the capitalist health insurance system is a radical and achievable goal to relieving the suffering of millions and help us build power on the road to socialism. Austin DSA’s Health Justice Committee was founded as our local concerted contribution to this national effort.

When DSA talks about our Medicare For All campaign, we’ve got a specific five-point outline for what we want Medicare For All to look like:

  • A Single Program — everyone will be covered by one healthcare system and have equal access to all medical services and treatments.
  • Comprehensive coverage — all services requiring a medical professional will be fully covered, including reproductive health, mental health, and services for queer and trans people.
  • Free at the point of service — all healthcare costs will be publicly financed, not paid by the individual user. That means no fees, no deductibles and no premiums!
  • Universal coverage — coverage for all US residents, non-citizens included.
  • Jobs — replacement and severance for those affected by the transition.In addition to fighting for Medicare For All, we work on local campaigns. Most notably, we are part of the Work Strong Austin coalition, which won the fight to make Austin the first city in the South to guarantee its workers Paid Sick Days. Now we’re helping cities around Texas pass their own Paid Sick Days laws and preparing for the fight in 2019 when reactionary state legislators try to take that right away from Austin’s workers. Click here for more info!

We’ve also joined with National Nurses United and Our Revolution to campaign for the Healthy Texas Act of 2019. Healthy Texas would be a Medicare For All-style law that would guarantee free healthcare to everyone in Texas. Just like all of our fights, this is going to be an uphill battle and it’s going to take a mass movement to beat the capitalist parasites who want to suck up all our resources when we get sick. That’s why we need your help today! Sign up below to be part of the fight for Health Justice!